Association of Travel Instruction

Peter and Lorraine are mastering the Portland Street-car.     Travel trainer and travel trainee riding the bus.     High school students on mock bus at accessible travel center.

The Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) is a nonprofit organization. Your generosity will help us serve our members in the following ways:

  • To establish a competency based standard to assure quality service in Travel Instruction for seniors and people with disabilities other than blindness or visual impairment.
  • To develop and maintain a Code of Ethics.
  • To maintain the listing of competencies for those engaged in the practice of Travel Instruction.
  • To promote appropriate academic and competency-based preparation of individuals entering the field of Travel Instruction.
  • To promote the maintenance of current knowledge and skills of those within the field.
  • To help establish an approved and published body of knowledge.
  • To establish professional standards for adoption by public certifying and licensing bodies.
  • To advocate for the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and seniors as it relates to community access, travel, and transportation.
  • To facilitate sharing of information through publications and conferences.
  • To educate the public about the mobility needs of people with disabilities and seniors.
  • To develop an infrastructure for the profession of Travel Instruction.
  • To develop and administer certificates of proficiency and completion for instructors and trainers.
  • To provide continuing education. 



Mail your donation to:
Association of Travel Instruction
P. O. Box 2747
Chicago, IL  60690Donate online here

A special thank you to our
2016 conference sponsors:

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