Association of Travel Instruction

A group of older adults waiting at a bus stop.     Buddies prepare for a multimodal train trip to tour the Philadelphia Eagles football stadium.     A senior citizen learns how to use the bus lift.

ATI considers travel instruction to be the professional activity of teaching individuals with disabilities and seniors how to access their environment and community and use public transportation independently. The practice of travel instruction as provided by a professional travel trainer requires knowledge of human development and behavior, travel-related concepts and skills, public transportation services, the natural and built environment, paths of travel, and the interaction of these dynamics. The Competencies for the Practice of Travel Instruction and Travel Training (Easter Seals Project ACTION) provides guidance to the competencies that are essential for the practitioner. Travel instruction practice as characterized by ATI includes the professional application of a code of ethics, guiding principles, methods, strategies, and emerging best practices.

Travel instruction is the array, continuum, or family of services offered to individuals with disabilities, seniors, and others who need assistance to increase their mobility and travel on public transportation independently. It includes a variety of plans, methods and strategies used by professional travel trainers to increase the independent travel skills of the people they serve. It is understood that individuals may require different travel instruction services during their lifetime as their needs change. Specific services included in the ATI definition of travel instruction are:

Transit Orientation
Group or individual activity conducted for the purpose of explaining the transportation systems; options and services available to address individual transportation needs; use of maps and schedules as resources for trip planning; fare system, use of mobility devices while boarding, riding, and exiting; vehicular features; and benefits available.

Individual or small group trip activity to facilitate use of transportation systems with a travel trainer accompanying experienced traveler(s) on a new mode of transportation or route to point out/explain features of access and usability.

Travel Training
One-to-one short-term instruction provided to an individual who has previously traveled independently and needs additional training or support to use a different mode of travel, a different route, mode of transit, or travel to a new destination ; or
One-to-one comprehensive, specially designed instruction in the skills and behaviors necessary for independent travel on public transportation provided to an individual who does not have independent travel concepts or skills to go from point of origin of trip to destination and back.

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