Association of Travel Instruction

Travel trainer and trainee discussing how to use TriMet's Arrival by Text feature.     A senior paying fare on bus.     Travel trainer and travel trainee at a bus stop discussing the route.

Are you looking for ways to become more involved in ATI? There are several opportunities available to you by joining one of ATI’s Committees:

Strategic Planning Committee - Chairman Julie Wilcke - Short term commitment over the next six months, starting Aptil 2016, to help guide the strategic planning process to be inclusive in process and thourough in results.  

Media Committee – Chairman Sarah Green - Includes work on all ATI communication vehicles including newsletter, website and social media. This committee will establish policy on social posting and usage of ATI logo.

Policy and Procedures Committee – Chairman needed Reviews ATI by-laws and procedures of the organization in order to recommend updated policies. Their first order of business is to review and update our election process and term lengths of board members and officers.

Conference Committee – Chairman Nathan Graeff - To assist the host city in the planning of the Annual Conference.

Professional Advancement Committee - Chairman Mike Mullins and Steve Garcia - To move forward the profession of travel training by; creating a body of knowledge, creating professional development resources and developing network opportunities

Election and Awards Committee - Chairman Frances Rankos - To elect a diverse group of members to fill volunteer Board of Directors positions of ATI and recognize excellence in the field of travel training through awards and scholarships to attend the ATI conference.   

Membership Committee – Chairman Michael Davis and Stacey Davis- Supports the recruitment, registration and retention of Individual, Organizational and Associate members of the Assocation.

If you are interested in joining any of the committees, please contact thechairmen directly. They can provide you with a more complete description of the responsibilites of each committee.  ATI is your organization and working together we will make it even stronger.

A special thank you to our
2016 conference sponsors:

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